General Plastic has strengthened her range of fabrics, for the construction of cushions to facilitate the customers in the selection of technical fabrics and specific in the innovative line of colors.

All marine fabrics NAUTOLEX and SPRADLING are the highest quality and with warranty, used for the boats, are designed down to the smallest detail for superior performance and durability.

As evidence of this, General Plastic, already authorized distributor, use the brands SPRADLING & NAUTOLEX, which also producers of marine tissue.

This line was created specifically for the furniture of boats, because, thanks to the exclusive finishing, permits the use of alcohol, acetone, trichloroethylene, benzene etc. for the cleaning of cushions, mattresses and upholstered seats against stains of guano, motor oil, daily dirt, food and everything else, without altering or reducing the abrasion resistance of vinyl.

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