Awning fabrics

Pvc coated polyester fabric, produced in accordance with the exclusive technology of patented manufacturing, with high dimensional stability, allowing the material to deformation during installation or use.

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  • Awntex combines protection from prying eyes inward, with transparency to the external.The structure in pvc high toughness is particularly resistant to weathering, it is easy to clean and is particularly suitable for use on curtains and windshield.

  • Batyline is a polyester fiber protected by a pvc coating so as to obtain a resistance to stretching and immune from tearing.Batyline not deform and does not create pockets, Précontraint Ferrari technology, ensures excellent dimensional stability of these tissues providing an important elasticity, which ensures a comfort seating.

  • Pvc coated polyester fabric is characterized by an innovative elastic yarn.Inserted weft yarn gives the fabric a high elasticity while maintaining high levels of breathability, washability, and hygiene. Thanks to increased pressure distribution along the length, offers a very high comfort, as it ideal for meetings, sottocuscini Cover and windscreen.

  • A product of the creativity in the service, but also a trusted ally in saving energy.Soltis is microareato and can obscure a local second parameter modulated depending on the fabric without compromising the ever outward visibility.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items